Utilizing Video Production from Start to Finish

Video Production can be used in all phases of your business. Below are some key ways that Bourns Productions can help your business from start to finish.

Starting a Business

Marketing: A key piece to gaining new business and growing your company. Bourns Productions offers a multitude of video packages and consultations to help market your company and/or it’s products. 

We will work closely with you to develop video(s) that serve your needs. This can range from TV and Web Commercials to ongoing online content to Product Promotional Videos, Online Content for your website and Social Media Marketing. 

Training: We can help make employee training more streamlined and affordable by producing training videos for new employees to watch, teaching them the guidelines, expectations and even daily responsibilities of their new position. This saves you valuable time training each employee from scratch allowing you to focus on other parts of your business or teach them more advanced techniques.

Expanding Your Business 

Marketing: See Above

Public Relations: As your business grows and begins to be in the public’s eye, public relations becomes a key component to holding a high reputation but can also double as positive alternative marketing. 

We can produce event coverage videos that you may sponsor or put on, or do human relation stories on positive charitable donations you have made to community, or even client testimonial videos. There are many possibilities in this arena.

Time to Refresh or Revive 

Marketing: See Above

Employee Relations: Many larger companies manage their large employee base with the use of an employee “TV” Network. It’s a great communication tool to keep your employees up to speed on the latest developments happening across the company, we also often include recorded video messages from the CEO or key company leaders.

Winding Down 

Public Relations: We can help ease the management or retirement transition with a powerful video message clearly explaining the history and goal of the company moving forward.

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