The Gear We USe

This is not a complete list of our equipment, but a general idea of what we own and have to offer. If you are looking for something that you don't see on the list, then please contact us for availability of the item. 

Red Scarlet-W Camera Package

RED Epic-W Camera Package

Sony A7Rii Camera Package

Additional Cameras

  • DJI Osmo 
  • GoPro 3 Black

Zoom Lenses

  • Sigma 18-35 1.8
  • Sigma 50-100 1.8
  • Canon 70-200 2.8L
  • Tokina 11-16 2.8

Tokina Vista Cinema Lenses

  • Tokina 16-28 T3 II
  • 35mm Vista Prime T1.5
  • 50mm Vista Prime T1.5
  • 85mm Vista Prime T1.5
  • 100mm Macro

Camera Support

  • Tripods, Monopod, Shoulder Rig
  • Wooden Camera MatteBox and Firecrest ND Filters
  • 5.5/8/12ft FT Kessler Crane w/ Revolution Remote Head
  • Kessler TLS Systeme (Motorized Time Lapse Slider)
  • Tilta Gravity Gimbal
  • Sachtler Dutch Head
  • Cinekinetic Ride On Dolly


  • 1x Cool Lights 1.2K HMI Par w/ Electronic Ballast and Lens Set
  • 1x Mole LED 2K Fresnel (Daylight)
  • 2x Hive Wasp 100C RGB LEDs
  • 1x Lightgear Litemat 2 S2
  • 3x 1x1 Bi Color Socanland Led Panels
  • 2x Ikan LED Fresnels
  • Kino Flos (Image 80, 4' 4 Bank Quasar Science Retrofitted Kinos)
  • Full Arsenal of Mole Richardson Tungsten Lighting (Fresnel & Open Face)
  • 20x20 Silk with Overhead Butterfly Kit and 2 High High Rollers
  • Full Grip Package with Mounting Items, Overheads, Rags, Heavy Duty Baby and C-Stands


  • Sennheiser MK416 Shotgun Microphone
  • Sennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless Lavs
  • Zoom F8 8 Channel Recorder/Mixer
  • Additional Misc. Mics
  • Boom Pole with Shock Mount, Blimp, Deadcat Wind Screen


  • Ipad Teleprompter
  • Roscoe 1500 Fogger