Grip and Lighting Van

Serving the Northern Nevada and Northern California Areas

Although we do not currently offer ala carte rentals, we offer a 3/4 Ton Grip and Lighting Van. Please note rental of the van package requires the hiring of a Bourns Productions Inc. Driver/Crew Member to accompany the package. This complete package is great for almost any small to medium sized shoots. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see additional items you can add on to the package.

2 4’ 4 Bank Kinoflo’s w/ 3200 and 5600 globes
1 Lightgear Litemat 2 S2
1 Mole Richardson Mighty Mole 2K Open Face
2 Mole Richardson Baby Baby 1k Fresnels
2 Mole Richardson 1k Mickey’s (w/ 1 Chimera Softbox)
2 Mole Richardson Tweenie 650w Fresnels
4 200w Mini Mole/Midget Fresnels
Practical Bulb Kit

2 1000w Dimmers    2 650w Dimmers
10 25’ Stingers     5 50’ Stingers
2 Cubetaps    2 3/2 Ground Adapters     2 Surge Protectors

8 Baby Stands
6 40" Complete C-Stands   1 20" C-Stand (Stand Only)
2 Nesting Apple Box Sets (Full, Half, Quarter, Pancakes)
12 Sandbags
8x8 Butterfly Kit
    Includes 8x8 Silk, Black, 1/4 Silk, Silver Lame and Ultrabounce
3x3 Silk & Open Frame
2 3x4 Shiny Board Reflectors
6 18x24 - Silks (1), Flags (2), Cucoloris (1) and Nets (2)
6 24x46 - Silks (1), Flags (2), Cucoloris (1) and Nets (2)
3 Furniture Pads
2 Baby Plates
2 Baby to Junior Adapters
2 Junior to baby Spud Adapters
3 Scissor Clips
2 Mafer Clamps
2 Cardellinis
2 Platapus’ Beadboard Holders
2 Gator (Gaffer) Grips  
1 Baby Offset Arm
1 Furniture Clamps
1 Putty Knife    
3 Additional Grip Heads                             
1 6' Ladder

Misc. Gel Cut Crate    Crate of Duvatyne Pieces    C-47s
Grip Clamps (Large, Medium, Small)     Gaffer and Paper Tape
Blackwrap    Rope

Toolbox with General Hand Tools

Contact us for Add On Items to the base package